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Our Mission

Our team is composed entirely of musicians and is devoted to ensuring that our technology empower performers to make a living and achieve their goals.

We’re here for those who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forwards. Who continue to search for new and improved ways of doing business. Applaud is here for those that are tired of the rubbish commission rates and poor access to opportunities.

We are here to level the playing field and make sure you get heard. Whether you’re earning a living as a performer full time or just doing it for the fun of it, Applaud is building a global platform to suit your needs. Welcome to a world of better bookings. Welcome to Applaud.

Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Music is at the core of everything we do.

Luke Rynne Cullen
Is the Founder of Applaud and to date has been featured in the Sunday Business Post's "100 Hot Startups", Business & Finance’s "One's to Watch" series and Fora's "Startup Scout" series.

He is a freelance instrumentalist; and is the former President of Trinity Orchestra and Live Music Officer for Trinity Entertainment.

He won the LaunchPad Sprints in 2017, TES Dragons Den in 2018 and secured Bronze in the National Startup Awards in 2019.
Jerico Alcaras
Is the technical lead of Applaud and an avid guitarist. To date he has worked as a full stack developer for startups including ClubZap (formerly Clubify), KeepAppy and Audisense; and for companies like Hosted Graphite and IBM.

He has a Masters in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and has worked on a range of products involving cloud software, audio analysis and data visualisation.
Rosee Byrne
Product designer
Is the design lead at Applaud and has a B.A. in Media & German from Dublin City University. She has also studied frontend development and web design in IBAT College Dublin.

Her time at FCR Media Dublin & goldenpages.ie as an experience designer has enabled her to create a beautiful interface for our users.

She has been working in visual, experience & instructional design for several years and is a classically trained pianist.
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